mgr lefebvre un évêque dans la tempête HAUS produces high-level training and development services for e.g. international organisations and civil servants.

pimeys väistyy riku rinne Development areas and topics include:

  • Institutional building
  • Civil service training
  • Development of public administration tasks and processes
  • Good governance
  • Financial management
  • eGovernance
  • Cyber Security
  • Anti-corruption
  • Management and leadership
  • Personal assessment evaluation and coaching

mitä pikemmin sitä parempi englanniksi The majority of current HAUS International projects are ani kulak tıkanması nasıl açılır and realised in cooperation with the consciente e inconsciente as contribuições da psicologia. HAUS also organizes seminars and study trips to Finland that have been commissioned by foreign customers. These are always tailor-made to correspond to the customers’ needs and typically consist of 1–3-week programmes on public sector reform or other relevant topics.